Hedlund announces campaign for mayor
11 Jun

Hedlund Formally Kicks Off Campaign for Weymouth Mayor


By Bradford Randall

Posted Jun. 4, 2015 at 10:32 PM
Updated Jun 5, 2015 at 2:55 AM


State Sen. Bob Hedlund, R-Weymouth, said he wants to better prepare students for graduation, increase staffing at the police and fire departments, hold developers of SouthField accountable for meeting goals, and attract new businesses during the formal launch of his campaign to become Weymouth’s next mayor Thursday night, June 4.

Speaking to a large crowd at the Elk’s Lodge, Hedlund emphasized his legislative experience to differentiate himself from Weymouth School Committee Chairman Sean Guilfoyle and incumbent Mayor Susan Kay, both announced candidates for mayor.

“I believe I bring a different skill set to the task at hand,” Hedlund said. “I represented nine communities in my time on Beacon Hill and I’ve seen what works and what hasn’t.”

The major issues of Hedlund’s campaign took shape during the current state senator’s speech.

“Together, we can improve our schools by restoring key curriculum and ensuring more and better prepared students graduate,” Hedlund said.

Hedlund addressed under-staffing at the fire and police departments and said Weymouth “needs to ensure the safest possible town for our residents.”

“This is a paramount situation with or without and override,” Hedlund said.

Hedlund said the town needs to keep the development of the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station moving forward and hold SouthField developers accountable to meeting goals.

The state senator said Weymouth needs to “really work hard to increase Weymouth’s historically low municipal revenue growth rate by attracting new businesses and broadening our commercial tax rate.”

Hedlund, who is a business owner in Weymouth Landing, said he knows how hard it can be to open a business anywhere.

“We’ll work to make Weymouth welcoming to small business,” Hedlund said. “People who seek to invest here, businesses of all type, not just coffee shops and storage facilities.”

“I will be that ambassador that brings business here.”

Hedlund said he wants to work to continue to develop Kay’s park improvements and work to develop “a real park and recreation maintenance plan.”

“Some of our current playing fields are an embarrassment and would not be tolerated in other communities,” Hedlund said. “It’s my opinion that some municipal functions here in Weymouth have been neglected.”

Hedlund said the basic function of town government should be to fix, maintain and clean streets, parks and playing fields.

“It was unacceptable this winter that our sidewalks did not get plowed ever,” Hedlund said to a round of applause. “The DPW has been cut a significant level, but they need to have the support and equiptment to get the job done and they must be accountable.”

Read the full story about Hedlund’s campaign kickoff in the print edition of Weymouth News Wednesday, June 10.

Bradford Randall is editor of the Weymouth News. Email him at Follow the Weymouth News on Twitter @weymouthpaper.

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05 May



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05 May

Hedlund Announces Run for Mayor, Pledging to bring Weymouth together to improve our schools and enhance roads and town facilities.

Bob Hedlund announces for Mayor of WeymouthWeymouth, MA – State Senator Robert L. Hedlund today announced his decision to run for Mayor of Weymouth.

“I have a vision of a new direction for Weymouth that starts with delivering and improving basic town services. That means a new perspective and approach to addressing Weymouth’s needs. We have the ingredients for success. As Mayor, I will bring those ingredients together to make Weymouth better, stronger and more responsive to the needs of working families and small businesses, who are the backbone of this great town.”

Hedlund looks to utilize his experience as Weymouth’s state Senator and as a small business owner to bring new and effective management to Weymouth Town Hall. “I think it’s time for a voice and perspective from outside of town hall and local government. I am that new voice and perspective, but I also bring an important and solid understanding of the town and its residents,” remarked Hedlund.

As Mayor, Hedlund will demand excellence and accountability in every aspect of town government. He will make sure town government gets the most out of your tax dollars and prioritize people and services over pet projects while maintaining and protecting critical investments in our neighborhoods.

Hedlund, who has started three small businesses, will be a Mayor who knows what it takes to attract businesses to create jobs, build our tax base, and invest in our community. He also brings the experience of negotiating fair and affordable contracts.

As a member of the minority in the state legislature, Hedlund has developed a solid reputation for putting politics aside to get results for the towns he represents. “As Mayor, I will treat the town council as a partner, working with them to help make Weymouth better,” said Hedlund.

While serving in the legislature, Hedlund has been consistently ranked as the Senate’s most independent member, and has demonstrated an ability to work with members of both sides of the political aisle in a non-partisan fashion.

Hedlund has the experience, vision and energy to put Weymouth back on the right track; A track of growth and prosperity that renews a sense of community pride and provides a level of service that Weymouth residents expect and deserve.

“Weymouth is home. It’s frustrating to see familiar problems get in the way of progress year after year. With your help, I know I can make a difference. I’m eager and excited for the chance to focus my energies and hit the ground running to fix what’s wrong and grow what’s right. I ask that you join me in this effort,” said Hedlund.

Hedlund will official kickoff his campaign for Mayor at the Weymouth Elks on Thursday, June 4 from 6pm to 9pm. The event is free and all are welcomed.

Further information on Hedlund’s candidacy can be found at and on Facebook at Hedlund Mayor.



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